Sudden Light
William J. Hall - begun March, finished May 5 2010

  1 Most times I see you
  2 At a distance through a cloud
  3 I can't help but miss you
  4 Though I try - no matter how
  5 And then in moments
  6 When the wind blows just right
  7 You stand before me
  8 Like I'm seeing you tonight
  9 The first time I saw you
  10 My heart refused to beat
  11 And what I thought I knew
  12 Fell in ashes at my feet
  13 This time past I can't forget
  14 Even when you fade from sight
  15 You are the greater part of me
  16 Like I'm seeing you tonight
  17 Hasn't this been thus before
  18 Swallows turn for home once more
  19 Day and eve yield one delight
  20 Like I'm seeing you tonight
  21 At times I see you
  22 At a distance in a crowd
  23 The shutters flash to capture you
  24 As you wave your final bow
  25 No broken promise no regrets
  26 No denying sudden light
  27 What was once will always be
  28 Like I'm seeing you tonight

William J. Hall 2010 all rights reserved ASCAP

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