You Alone
October 10-31, 2009

  1 Hell fires keep on burning
  2 What goes up must fall
  3 This ocean has no tide
  4 This moment has no pride
  5 Flesh and bone
  6 Heaven keeps on turning
  7 These things don't change at all
  8 The desert holds her flowers
  9 I walk the streets for hours
  10 Written in stone
  11 I love you
  12 I love you - this my blood, this my soul
  13 Some things last forever
  14 I love you
  15 Alone
  16 This season never changing
  17 This flame, this steady call
  18 No matter how I try
  19 No word, no compromise
  20 The seeds are sewn
  21 Beyond the time remaining
  22 This doorway in the wall
  23 For yours and mine and ours
  24 The streets and New York towers
  25 One direction home
  26 I love you
  27 I love you - this my blood, this my soul
  28 Some things last forever
  29 I love you
  30 Alone

William J. Hall 2009 all rights reserved ASCAP

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