Haven't Really Gone
April 26, 2009

  1 Your roses bloom
  2 Climbing where you put them
  3 And from across the room
  4 Your paintings still look down
  5 Scarlet and blue
  6 Like echoes against the wall
  7 And you haven't really gone
  8 My car radio
  9 Played the one I gave you
  10 Recording from years ago
  11 You sang me that love song
  12 How were we to know
  13 Heading straight for the fall
  14 And you haven't really gone
  15 One by one
  16 These nights turn into days
  17 What's done is done
  18 But nothing takes your place
  19 I breath the perfume
  20 I dust your paintings daily
  21 I pen you another tune
  22 I ride back into town
  23 What can I do
  24 Your coat's hanging in the hall
  25 And you haven't really gone
  26 At all

William J. Hall 2009 all rights reserved ASCAP

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