Little Birdie
Traditional with additional verses by William J. Hall - March 03, 2008

  1 Little Birdie
  2 Little Birdie
  3 What makes you fly so high
  4 It's because I'm
  5 A true little birdie
  6 And do not fear to die
  7 For the North wind
  8 Is my brother
  9 East wind won't bide alone
  10 And you, the South wind -
  11 My true lover
  12 West wind carries me home
  13 Little Birdie
  14 Little Birdie
  15 What makes your wings so blue
  16 It's because I've
  17 Been a'grieving
  18 I've been grieving over you
  19 For you walk through
  20 This devine world
  21 Burdened with cares and woah
  22 Starving at God's
  23 Banquet table
  24 Still don't know where to go
  25 Little Birdie
  26 Little Birdie
  27 Come sing to me your song
  28 It's a short time
  29 To be with you
  30 And a long time to be gone
  31 Come and tell me
  32 How you love me
  33 Come spread your wings and fly
  34 Come on back to
  35 My piney hollow
  36 My blue mountain Kentucky sky

William J. Hall 2008 all rights reserved ASCAP

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