Deep Blue
William J. Hall - December 23, 2007

  1 Deep Blue
  2 As night is long
  3 The table fast
  4 Curtains drawn
  5 So you
  6 My constant friend
  7 Come, raise your glass
  8 Lie to me again
  9 Say you we're toasting our loves lost
  10 Heartaches worth their cost
  11 Little more to do
  12 And to those lost friends far and near
  13 To you and to me, dear
  14 My dear, Deep Blue
  15 And yes
  16 They've flown their ways
  17 To bigger things
  18 Brighter days
  19 It's best
  20 We lick our wounds
  21 Mend our wings
  22 This dark cocoon
  23 And we will have another round
  24 And round and round and round
  25 But, darling, let's be true
  26 We blame long nights and curtained rooms
  27 But really - it's just you
  28 And me deep blue.

William J. Hall 2007 all rights reserved ASCAP

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