Restless Spirit
William J. Hall - December 4, 2006

  1 I wait 'till it's dark at night
  2 'Cause I don't like to go outside
  3 You're just a target in the broad daylight
  4 You think I'm foolin' or something?
  5 I keep a loaded rifle by my bed
  6 I sleep with a pistol beneath my head
  7 The smell of the desert and the blood we shed
  8 Reminds me I'm not nothing
  9 I dreamt I was flying like a bird
  10 Across the North Dakota turtle world
  11 At the bottom of the stairs no one said a word
  12 All of their hands were missing
  13 They tell me it's all over now
  14 We're going to beat our sabers into plows
  15 But they ain't saying when or how
  16 And I keep on returning

William J. Hall 2006 all rights reserved ASCAP

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