William J. Hall, Jaqueline Tice - November, 2005

  1 I saw a golden bird
  2 Painted on the sky
  3 Breath of heaven and earth
  4 She shure knew how to fly
  5 She said "You can take my word
  6 "Take it on faith;
  7 "Sure as the seasons turn
  8 "And the clouds bring rain
  9 "We rise from the fire
  10 "We sail through the storm
  11 "We rise through the fire
  12 "Once more."
  13 Our grandfathers walked this way
  14 Their grandfathers before
  15 'Cross the mountains and the plains
  16 From shore to shore
  17 Their voices carry me
  18 Calling from the dust
  19 This testament and prophecy:
  20 We do what we must
  21 We rise from the fire
  22 We sail through the storm
  23 We rise from the fire
  24 Once more
  25 My blood
  26 Red blood
  27 Same as yours
  28 What's done
  29 Is done
  30 Of this I'm sure
  31 We will endure
  32 And rise
  33 I've got these golden wings
  34 This azure sky
  35 What I need of other things
  36 Just passes by
  37 Our heritage and history
  38 To this soul is burned
  39 Ashes scatter at my feet
  40 The spirit is returned
  41 We rise from the fire
  42 We sail through the storm
  43 We rise from the fire
  44 Once more

William J. Hall & Jaqueline Tice 2005 all rights reserved ASCAP

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