William J. Hall - March, 2003

  1 You don’t have to go
  2 Stay right here
  3 I can hold you
  4 Strong against the cold,
  5 Against your fear
  6 The way I know you
  7 Come the day
  8 This all will fade away
  9 It doesn’t matter anyhow
  10 You love the rain
  11 Or so you said
  12 Well, the storm has found you
  13 But this world’s still the same
  14 Here in my bed
  15 With my arms around you
  16 Come the day
  17 This all will fade away
  18 It doesn’t matter anyhow
  19 You come knocking at my door
  20 Prodigal blue
  21 With your pride torn down
  22 We’ve been here before
  23 And I love you
  24 And there’s no doubt
  25 Me – I own this night
  26 This darkness too,
  27 Is of my keeping
  28 And it will be all right
  29 I am no fool
  30 You will be leaving
  31 Come the day
  32 This all will fade away
  33 It doesn’t matter anyhow
  34 You come knocking at my door
  35 All Van Gogh blue
  36 With your heart torn out
  37 We’ve been here before
  38 And I love you
  39 And there’s no doubt
  40 Stay here now

© William J. Hall 2003 all rights reserved ASCAP

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