Hero's Hands
William J. Hall - January, 2001

  1 I wish that I could tell
  2 What part of you
  3 Wants part of me
  4 I'd play that part so well
  5 You'd think you knew
  6 You'd only see
  7 Someone you could love
  8 Someone who stands
  9 Like a hero stands
  10 Living hand in glove
  11 Someone with hands
  12 Like truly hero's hands
  13 I'd give you quite a show
  14 I'd be what you
  15 Want me to be
  16 Leave you laughing when I go
  17 You never knew
  18 Me sad or lonely
  19 This one you could love
  20 This one with plans
  21 Like a hero has big plans
  22 To be one you could love
  23 With hands
  24 Like truly hero's hands
  25 The picture carefully drawn
  26 No sullen blues
  27 Nor desperate greens
  28 And I'd never let on
  29 What I would do
  30 Nor what it means
  31 To hold onto your love
  32 I'd paint the sand
  33 Like painted desert sands
  34 I'd paint them for your love
  27 And these hands -
  28 I'd paint them hero's hands

William J. Hall 2001 all rights reserved ASCAP

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