Farmer's Son
William J. Hall - March 28, 1999

  1 I was born a farmer's son
  2 So a farmer I would be
  3 But I work the red steel by the ton
  4 For this big steel company
  5 Crops were scarce in fourty-four
  6 Poster said they needed men
  7 I was too young to go to war
  8 So I came to Bethlehem
  9 Stoked the ovens and greased the gears
  10 Sent home half my wage
  11 Worked harder shifts despite my years
  (alt. 2016 - Longer shifts for my short years)
  12 Than grown men twice my age
  13 We served it up, we rolled it long
  14 We built our towers high
  15 We swore to God we were so strong
  16 That we could never die
  17 So it was I met Grace Green
  18 She became my bride
  19 Sooner than soon or so it seemed
  20 Our boy, Gordey arrived
  21 Worked my fingers to the bone
  22 For Gracie and that boy
  23 Built us a life - made this our home
  24 My heart and pride and joy
  25 Through winters long and summers fast
  26 Mill grumbling below
  27 So slow to come so quick to pass
  28 And Gordey barely grown
  29 We watched him march, we let him go
  30 And still I don't know why
  31 For all our dreams all that came home
  32 This flag to remember by
  33 Me and Gracie living here
  34 Took the silver with the rust
  35 We learned to laugh, we shed our tears
  36 We did what people must
  37 All the things that we went through
  38 The good times and the bad
  39 Sometimes with all you thought you knew
  40 You don't know what you had
  41 For the gears fell silent, ovens cold
  42 They put chains across the gate
  43 They sold us out for foreign gold
  44 No one to blame or hate
  45 Say farewell to yours and you
  46 Goodbye to all our friends
  47 What's a soul supposed to do
  48 When a way of living ends
  49 Take my true love by the hand
  50 Lead her through the town
  51 Goodbye these towers made of sand
  52 I'm still a farmer's son

William J. Hall 1999 all rights reserved ASCAP

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