Playing Ball
William J. Hall - September 26, 1998

  1 In that Air Force guard house
  2 Staring at Nevada snow
  3 Shipped down from Alaska
  4 Month before or so
  5 Thinking of the future
  6 Playing in my head
  7 You know that it was for sure
  8 Where I could have been instead
  9 Always I was thinking
  10 Like I'm here to tell you all
  11 I was standing in that guard house
  12 But I could be playing ball
  13 Some lucky chances
  14 Landed in the semi-pros
  15 I was playing catcher
  16 I loved it goodness knows
  17 I controlled the pitcher
  18 Psyched the batter's steely face
  19 And the crowd's yell and the dust smell
  20 And the movement and the pace
  21 At Bethlehem I was thinking
  22 Like I'm here to tell you all
  23 I'm working this here mill shop
  24 But I could be playing ball
  25 A man does what he's got to
  26 Sometimes a man's not what he shows
  27 Pretty wife, pretty twin children
  28 Well, folks, that's the way it goes
  29 Working at the steel mill
  30 Working for my checks
  31 Writing songs in the evenings
  32 Buddy, I've got no regrets
  33 Still you see what I'm thinking
  34 Like I'm singing it for you all
  35 Well, I'm doing what I want to
  36 But I could be playing ball

William J. Hall 1998 all rights reserved ASCAP

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