Liar, Liar
William J. Hall - June 20, 1998

  1 Liar, liar
  2 Pants on the wire
  3 Price gets higher
  4 Webs we weave
  5 World's on fire
  6 First in the choir
  7 You aspire
  8 But don't believe
  9 The risks you take
  10 The plans you make
  11 The smiles you fake
  12 Play to the crowd
  13 What you think you have to be
  14 Before you turn around and see
  15 Get what's plain for all to see
  16 You're where you are now
  17 Liar, liar
  18 Caught in the mire
  19 You conspire
  20 Yourself to deceive
  21 Doesn't have to be so tough
  22 Fret your hour and strut your stuff
  23 When will it be enough
  24 Play to the crowd
  25 What you think you're going to do
  26 Mirror staring back at you
  27 When you finally see what's true
  28 Twenty five years from now
  29 Liar, liar
  30 First in the choir
  31 You aspire
  32 But don't believe

William J. Hall 1998 all rights reserved ASCAP

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