Doesn't Really Matter
William J. Hall - December 15, 1997

  1 "Come on," she says, "It's closing time."
  2 The vague illusion shatters
  3 The chairs are stacked up in their line
  4 The hour departs in tatters
  5 Down Christmas streets with Christmas lights
  6 Christmas sounds and Christmas sights
  7 Alone to face a Christmas night
  8 It doesn't really matter
  9 It doesn't really matter
  10 See her walking out that door
  11 Doesn't really matter
  12 Nothing matters
  13 Anymore
  14 Ashes to ashes dust to the dust
  15 It don't get any flatter
  16 We all wind up just where we must
  17 The former and the latter
  18 The world maintains its relentless race
  19 Moon keeps laughing in its face
  20 Sitting staring into space
  21 It doesn't really matter
  22 It doesn't really matter
  23 See her walking out that door
  24 Doesn't really matter
  25 Nothing matters
  26 Anymore
  27 Hmmmmm Hmmmmm Hmmmmm Hmmmm
  28 La da da La da da da La da da da La da da da da da da
  29 Should blow this damned candle out
  30 So no one comes to chatter
  31 I should get up and walk about
  32 'Till my blue demons scatter
  33 I should be lying in my bed
  34 Some sugar plum to feed my head
  35 But I'm out here by myself instead
  36 It doesn't really matter
  37 It doesn't really matter
  38 See her walking out that door
  39 Doesn't really matter
  40 Nothing matters
  41 Anymore
  42 Hmmmmm Hmmmmm Hmmmmm Hmmmm
  43 La da da La da da da La da da da La da da da da da da

William J. Hall 1997 all rights reserved ASCAP

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