Darling, I Love You
William J. Hall - December 3, 1997

  1 Time this is this is our time
  2 Diamonds in the starry sand
  3 And I am yours and you are mine
  4 You kiss my mouth I take your hand
  5 Darling. I love you
  6 Darling, I love you
  7 Dawn comes up with early light
  8 Wind is blowing through the trees
  9 We've been watching all night
  10 I belong to you and you to me
  11 Darling, I love you
  12 Darling, I love you
  13 Like a new song
  14 Like an old song
  15 Moon comes circling 'round again
  16 Turn together turn apart
  17 Always different, always the same
  18 We find each other in the dark
  19 Darling, I love you
  20 Darling, I love you
  21 Like a new song
  22 Like an old song

William J. Hall 1997 all rights reserved ASCAP

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