On My Mind
William J. Hall - September 13, 1997

  1 I was rising up
  2 Rising from my sleep
  3 I could hear your voice
  4 I was falling deep
  5 You were on my mind
  6 Walking in my dreams
  7 When I crossed that line
  8 Wonder what it means
  9 Like a bluebirds song
  10 On that talking wire
  11 I could hear your voice
  12 Set my head on fire
  13 Like a stolen kiss
  14 With no alibi
  15 You were on my mind
  16 And I don't know why
  17 Now it's raining hard
  18 And I want you here
  19 And I'm reaching out
  20 Want to pull you near
  21 Like a Whippoorwill
  22 Or a baby's cry
  23 Your on my mind still
  24 This I can't deny

William J. Hall 1997 all rights reserved ASCAP

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