Purple Girl
William J. Hall - October 10, 1996

  1 Let this be your pillow
  2 When I am far away
  3 For though I never want to go
  4 I never seem to stay
  5 Wherever you are
  6 Wherever you are gone to
  7 Three wishes from this wanderer
  8 'Till I come back to you
  9 Violets for my purple girl
  10 Lilacs in her veins
  11 Amethyst and lavender
  12 The color that remains
  13 When I come back home
  14 I'll hold you in my arms forever
  15 I wasn't made to be alone
  16 Your wayward traveler
  17 Iris for my purple girl
  18 Sterling Silvers for her hair
  19 Dreams in shades of purple
  20 Amethyst and Lavender

William J. Hall 1996 all rights reserved ASCAP

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