How to Say Goodbye
William J. Hall - February 29, 1996

  1 Guess I should go home
  2 I stay out instead
  3 No matter how I try
  4 I'm avoiding it
  5 For all my words
  6 It comes down to silences
  7 But still I know
  8 I could give you this one thing yet
  9 How to say goodbye
  10 How to let me come down slow
  11 And find the way to tell me
  12 What I already know
  13 This time you're moving on
  14 This time it won't be like before
  15 There's nothing left to make you
  16 Come back here any more
  17 Used to be you'd smile
  18 You'd never leave is what you said
  19 Where is never now
  20 I want to believe in it
  21 How to say goodbye
  22 How to stand and let you go
  23 And keep myself from reaching
  24 For something turned to gold
  25 The picture of that smile
  26 The first time I walked in your door
  27 Fades into the hard truth
  28 You won't be here any more
  29 Guess I should go home

William J. Hall 1996 all rights reserved ASCAP

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