Haul Away
William J. Hall - October, 1976

  1 Hudson River runs to the sea
  2 And the winds are all good to me
  3 Sun and moon keep me company
  4 So haul, haul away
  5 We're heading homeward today
  6 Hauling apples down from the north
  7 Hauling sea bass up from the coast
  8 Now the nights have all gone to frost
  9 So haul, haul away
  10 We're heading homeward today
  11 When the sky is filled with mare's tails
  12 And the wind drives harder than nails
  13 You can hear her sing in the sails
  14 Haul away
  15 Well, the autumn shore is a sight
  16 When the waves are all capped with white
  17 And the sea gulls cry from their flight
  18 Haul away
  19 Summer sun shines down on my back
  20 August moon rolls over the deck
  21 Autumn rains come out of the west
  22 So haul, haul away
  23 We're heading homeward today
  24 Through the hills the great river flows
  25 And the wind calls out as it blows
  26 And the water laughs as she goes
  27 Haul away
  28 We're heading homeward today

William J. Hall 1976 all rights reserved ASCAP

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