Servo Motor Tuning Pegs

  Billy: “Whatever – whatever became – whatever became of that idea of ours – you know?"

Scott: “Which one’s that?”

Billy: “Well, the one – the – the invention we had – we were going to make a million buck on that thing, you know – well – maybe not a million – we – we would have made – you know – servo motors – on the – on the tuning pegs connected to a little transducer – pardon me – in there…"

Scott: “Don’t get closer”

Billy: ”Be great…”

Scott: “mmmmm”

Billy: “Just kinda go (strums open strings) have it come into tune - be wonderful"

Scott: “People would be de-tuning just so it would… tune.”

Billy: “You’re right – it would be a whole technique… actually – this whole sound – it would be kinda like the wanger bar on a Stratocaster, you know? Yeah. Or like those, you know, those tuning pegs on a – on the banjos where you… well – then you could hook it – ah - what am I doing? I don’t know. Well – a – you could hook it up to a PC… you could hook it up to a PC… think about it. (A: Bill Gates another winner) Yeah.

“What are we… (looks at set list) Oh yeah.”


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