Wings of Money
William J. Hall - April, 1991

  1 Would that I had wings...
  2 I'd kiss the sky;
  3 Get you anything
  4 To be had on high...
  5 Of treasure.
  6 If I had money to burn
  7 I'd build a fire;
  8 Fly to the moon and return
  9 For your heart's desire...
  10 Or pleasure.
  11 Turn to the left and
  12 Turn to the right,
  13 Ain't got wings of money
  14 But I can take you for a ride
  15 Tonight.
  16 If I could walk on water
  17 I'd cross the sea;
  18 Get you one way or another
  19 To be next to me...
  20 Oh yeah.
  21 And all the stars in heaven -
  22 They all fall down;
  23 Become pearls and diamonds
  24 For your golden crown...
  25 Uh huh.
  26 I got a plan to
  27 Make you mine
  28 Ain't got wings of money
  29 But I'll sure show you a good
  30 Time.
  31 If I were a super-hero,
  32 A man of steel,
  33 I'd leap to the end of the rainbow
  34 Show you how I feel
  35 About you.
  36 But all I've got're these arms
  37 To hold you tight
  38 And I got this here heart
  39 Loves you with all it's might
  40 Won't be without you.
  41 Got no green-backed
  42 Pot of gold
  43 Ain't got wings of money
  44 But I'll sure keep you from
  45 The cold.

William J. Hall 1991 all rights reserved ASCAP

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