Brooklyn Bridge
William J. Hall

  1 Brooklyn Bridge is falling down...
  2 Emmy's in the middle.
  3 Mommy moved away from town,
  4 Daddy ponders riddles:
  5 How a perfect life could go so wrong,
  6 Where does what remains belong,
  7 How the nights get so damned long.
  8 Daddy does what he can do...
  9 Try to stop the bleeding.
  10 Emmy comes home after school...
  11 Scrapes him off the ceiling.
  12 Mommy's left and Daddy's gone.
  13 Nothing's the same but the address lives on...
  14 Does her best to be too damned strong.
  15 Maybe she'll see Mom on holiday
  16 If her new friend doesn't get in the way
  17 Maybe she can stay
  18 An hour on the phone too dear to pay...
  19 Check in the mail on Christmas day,
  20 Nothing more to say.
  21 What was it she must have done -
  22 No one knows the answer.
  23 Where would Daddy too have gone
  24 If he didn't need her?
  25 Maybe Dad will come out of his room,
  26 Her broken heart will mend and soon
  27 Maybe Mom will come back
  28 From the dark side...
  29 Dark side of the moon.
  30 Brooklyn Bridge is falling down...
  31 Emmy's in the middle.

William J. Hall 1993 all rights reserved ASCAP

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