When You See Annie
William J. Hall - October 12, 1994

  1 When you see Annie
  2 In the north of town
  3 Does she still wear flowers
  4 In her hair...
  5 When she gazes to the south
  6 Does a smile play 'round
  7 The corners of her mouth...
  8 Like it did the last time
  9 I was there?
  10 Does she take you strolling
  11 Down park avenue?
  12 Does she laugh and hold you
  13 By the arm?
  14 When you're ready to bail out
  15 Does she serve you her best
  16 Magdalenian pout?
  17 Does she pull you close
  18 To keep her warm?
  19 And in the morning
  20 Does she sing for you?
  21 Does the early light shine
  22 In her eyes?
  23 When you finally bid farewell
  24 Do you marvel at the
  25 Stories she can tell
  26 As she slips into the
  27 Passers by?
  28 When you see Annie
  29 Does she ask for me?
  30 Do you say I'm alive
  31 And doing fine?
  32 Though it's not the way we thought
  33 Still, I don't think much about
  34 What I haven't got
  35 Just the old friends
  36 That I've left behind.

William J. Hall 1994 all rights reserved ASCAP

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