Going Out / Night Time Blue
William J. Hall - December 18, 1980 and December 1982

  1 Someone talking
  2 Talking out loud
  3 They say the way that I see it
  4 You live to close to the crown
  5 But there is nowhere to run
  6 Nowhere else to hide
  7 So when the sun goes down
  8 I've got to get outside
  9 I've got to get away
  10 Into the carnival lights
  11 I've got to get out and away
  12 Maybe it ain't right
  13 But I'm going out tonight
  14 Somebody
  15 Make some remark
  16 They say the way that I see it
  17 You best stay in after dark
  18 But there is no more direction
  19 Up in the day
  20 So when the sun goes down
  21 And I go out to play
  22 I play the lone wolf
  23 I play the cat-paw dragon
  24 Play it for myself
  25 I play for keeps in the long run
  26 When I get away
  27 Into the carnival lights
  28 I've got to get out and away
  29 Maybe it ain't right
  30 But I'm going out tonight
  31 Say it again
  32 Going out tonight
  33 Again and again
  34 Going out tonight
  35 Shining bright
  36 Going out - I'll take my chances
  37 My chances going out
  38 Tonight
  39 Nighttime blue
  40 Charcoal grey
  41 Streetlights strip of shadows on
  42 Stairs in that alley we always walk.  We
  43 Cross the road down from the
  44 Market street firehouse and
  45 Off along the slate and cement we pass like
  46 Shadows on the wind.
  47 Telephone switches hum,
  48 Buried steam-pipes hiss.
  49 Disco jukebox bass and drum...
  50 Full-lit trysting lovers kiss in the
  51 Parking lot - and the
  52 Kids out on the stoop... smoking
  53 Cigarettes - looking for sport
  54 Know what night is for: they gather
  55 Times for later reminiscences...
  56     Hot - on the town
  57 School's out and them boys be crazy
  58 Jammin' the box way past midnight.
  59     Girls in tight dresses sporting
  60 High-heels and too much lipstick...
  61 Snapping fingers to the sweet
  62 Lower chakra - red
  63 Fire escape beat
  64 Echo into the distance.
  65     Wind shifts
  66     Colors fade
  67 Mist on our faces - the
  68 Moment's soft parade of
  69 Dream stirs.
  70 Stars shine down from an endless sea
  71 Above the trees and rooftops.
  72 Musky moonlit fog shrouds
  73 An open field.  There are
  74 Candy wrappers in the mud and
  75 Flowers in the gutter.
  76 Memory sweeps back - outside
  77 Coming inside - breath of Udana -
  78 Our first kiss - it was dark.  We
  79 Turned uphill from the phone booth and I
  80 Walked you to the corner.  It
  81 Began to snow.  I held your
  82 Hand.  You leaned over and
  83     Touched me.
  84 Hearts fill
  85 And paint detail
  86 Into vision - life into
  87 Solitude - silence.
  88 I am the warrior...
  89 I am the priestess
  90 I am the young brave, medicine man
  91 Captain, thief
  92 I am the boy who took a little bit - you
  93 Remember - from the Giant's Dance and
  94 Fashioned it into a ball of light to
  95 Please his pretty sister and,
  96     After all this time, came
  97 Back through emptiness and blindness to
  98 Return it somehow
  99 You laugh,
  100 You cry - you
  101 Take my arm and walk again the back
  102 Streets the sleeping windows and say, "Which
  103 "Houses will you buy tonight, Billy,
  104     "Tell me again, which
  105 "Houses will you buy?"
  106     I smile: It's all
  107 Right, you know,
  108     It's all
  109 Right: I
  110 Want to live forever, but I'm
  111 Not afraid to die...
  112     And later on, as we
  113 Turn back away, the
  114 Witching hours close like velvet
  115 Curtains behind us in the gentle dark - where the
  116 Sirens scream and
  117 Distant music scatters on
  118 Cobblestone sight - in the
  119 Clear, clean, honest,
  120     Phantom night.
  1221 Someone talking
  122 I hear what they say
  123 They say the way that I see it
  124 You better live for today
  125 But there is nothing worth doing better in daylight
  126 So when the sun goes down
  127 I live it up for tonight
  128 I do the mad dog
  129 Do the cloak and dagger
  130 From the London fog
  131 To the New York Towers
  132 I've got the lords of light
  133 I've got the angels of darkness
  134 Give me second sight
  135 Mixed around in this blindness
  136 When I get away
  137 Into the carnival lights
  138 I've got to get out and away
  139 Maybe it ain't right
  140 But I'm going out tonight
  141 Say it again
  142 Going out tonight
  143 Again and again and again
  144 Going out my friend
  145 It's the living end
  146 The living end

Going Out William J. Hall 1980 all rights reserved ASCAP
Nighttime Blue
William J. Hall 1982 all rights reserved ASCAP

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