Barbara Allen
Traditional - treatment by William J. Hall

  1 In Scarlet Town
  2 Where I was born
  3 There was a young maid dwellin'
  4 Made many a lad
  5 Cry, "Well a day!"
  6 And her name was Barbara Allen
  7 'Twas in the early
  8 Month of May
  9 When green buds all were swellin'
  10 Sweet William came
  11 From the north country
  12 And he courted Barbara Allen
  13 He sent his servant
  14 Unto her
  15 To the place where she was dwellin'
  16 Said, "My master's sick,
  17 "Bids me call for you
  18 "If your name be Barbara Allen."
  19 So slowly, slowly
  20 Got she up
  21 And slowly went she nigh him
  22 But all she said
  23 As she passed his bed
  24 "Young man I think you're dying."
  25 "Yes, I am sick -
  26 "And very sick -
  27 "And death is in me dwelling
  28 "All for the love -
  29 "For the love of one -
  30 "for the love of Barbara Allen."
  31 She turned his pale
  32 Face to the wall
  33 And busted out a-crying
  34 The village bells
  35 Pealed their evening toll:
  36 "Hard hearted Barbara Allen."
  37 "Oh mother, oh mother,
  38 "Go make my bed
  39 Go make it long and narrow
  40 "Sweet William died
  41 "For me today
  42 "I'll die for him tomorrow."
  43 They buried Barbara
  44 In the old church yard
  45 They buried William beside her
  46 From his heart
  47 Grew a red, red rose
  48 From hers there grew a briar.
  49 They climbed and climbed
  50 Up the cold stone wall
  51 'Till they could go no higher
  52 And at the top
  53 Twined in a lover's knot
  54 The red rose and the briar.

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