William J. Hall - July 1993

  1 I saw dragonfly
  2 Sail on the wind so high
  3 From the corner of my eye
  4 I saw dragonfly fly by
  5 I want to touch you
  6 Feel your wings of gossamer
  7 Sail on the wind so high
  8 Wherefore art thou
  9 Dragonfly
  10 I heard dragonfly
  11 Whisper as she flew by,
  12 "Why not live sweetly in the sky?"
  13 I heard dragonfly sigh
  14 "For I want to kiss you,
  15 "Hold you high above the earth...
  16 "Sail on the wind so high;
  17 "Wherefore art thou
  18 "Not dragonfly?"

William J. Hall 1993 all rights reserved ASCAP

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