Play it Over Again
William J. Hall - September, 1991

  1 Cold Algonquin wind
  2 Brought September drifting in
  3 Last Friday...
  4 And filled with a wanderlust
  5 The Autumn sun chased August
  6 Down the highway.
  7 Sail away, sail away,
  8 The golden hours
  9 Softly
  10 Play it over again.
  11 In some glossy paper dream
  12 Summer-colored girl in sunny New Orleans
  13 Is smiling...
  14 But here the days grow short and sunlight dims
  15 Relentless winter always wins
  16 By evening.
  17 Sail away, sail away,
  18 The golden hours
  19 Softly
  20 Play it over again.
  21 If I had wings I'd leave the earth
  22 Spinning far below me...
  23 I'd set my course for a warmer berth,
  24 And, for what it's worth,
  25 Take the seasons in more slowly
  26 Oh, oh.
  27 I watch the leaves turn green to brown,
  28 I take the nine-fifteen to town
  29 And, frankly,
  30 It's not that I fear growing old
  31 But that my joints ache when it's cold
  32 Come lately.
  33 Sail away, sail away,
  34 The golden hours
  35 Softly
  36 Play it over
  37 Again.


William J. Hall 1991 all rights reserved ASCAP

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