William J. Hall - August, 1986

  1 Fireflies
  2 In the evening heat
  3 In the summertime
  4 Sky is hazy
  5 And the air feels sweet
  6 In the summertime
  7 Summertime
  8 Winter's spell is broken
  9 The house is empty
  10 And its echoes frozen
  11 We sit in silence
  12 With the windows open
  13 In the summertime
  14 I thought I saw
  15 A wild flutter of wings
  16 Cross the silver moon
  17 Impressions formed
  18 Of forgotten dreams
  19 Play across the blue
  20 I see my friends
  21 They've got their time before them
  22 We make our forcast
  23 Before a word is spoken
  24 I think of Annie
  25 And I'm back home again
  26 In my dressing room
  27 I hear sweet music on some distant radio
  28 Children laughing in the streets below
  29 All dressed up
  30 And nowhere else I'd rather go
  31 And the world is mine
  32 And it's summertime
  33 Lightning dances
  34 In the evening heat
  35 We dance in the darkness
  36 To our hearts' heady beat
  37 Same sweet music on that distant radio
  38 Children Laughing fills the streets below
  39 All dressed up
  40 Nowhere else I'd rather go
  41 In the summertime

William J. Hall 1986 all rights reserved ASCAP

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