Out On the Weekend
William J. Hall - July 1991

  1 I think that you like me and I
  2 Know that I like you
  3 I've got a great Idea - I
  4 Tell you what we'll do
  5 We'll get away
  6 Far away
  7 Out on the weekend
  8 You just got a royalty check so
  9 You've got lots of bread and I
  10 Know you could go it alone but why
  11 Not take me instead
  12 And get away
  13 Far away
  14 Out on the weekend
  15 You man the snacks
  16 And let me do the driving
  17 We'll put behind us
  18 The struggle and striving
  19 You could put lots of gas in
  20 My old blue Toyota
  21 I've got a map with a thousand
  22 Places we could go ta
  23 Get away
  24 Far away
  25 Out on the weekend
  26 We'll watch the sky
  27 Turn indigo to violet
  28 Let's pack out bags
  29 And ride into the sunset
  30 Out on the weekend

William J. Hall 1991 all rights reserved ASCAP

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