Mermaids Lullaby
William J. Hall - March , 1989

  1 Fare thee well
  2 May the Gods speed
  3 May the wind the fills your sails
  4 Bring you back here to me
  5 Here to me
  6 From distant shore
  7 Scatter starfish on the sand
  8 Bring you to me once more
  9 To me once more
  10 Rise from the plain
  11 Where you ride above the waves
  12 Come to these arms again
  13 These arms again
  14 Your island home
  15 Carrying my wine dark love
  16 To you where ere you roam
  17 Where you roam
  18 Deep emerald green
  19 Pearls and sea foam crown this hair
  20 Throughout your silent dreams
  21 Throughout your dreams
  22 This gentle call
  23 May you find your time of peace
  24 May you always fare well

William J. Hall 1989 all rights reserved ASCAP

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