Don't Cry Mary Anne
William J. Hall - May, 1988

  1 Jack Frost leaps over the garden wall
  2 Paints color into the leaves
  3 Autumn rolls over the cotton fields
  4 Mist rises up through the trees
  5 Now, Papa don't ride through the gate no more
  6 They buried him down by the stream
  7 And Mama sleeps under the old church yard
  8 And sings me to sleep in my dreams
  9 And she says, "Don't cry Maryanne
  10 "Don't cry now
  11 "Don't cry Maryanne
  12 "Don't cry now."
  13 She says, "Don't cry Maryanne
  14 "Don't cry now
  15 "Though all things must pass away
  16 "By the dawn of judgment day
  17 "We'll all stand together
  18 "In heaven
  19 "Again somehow."
  20 She says, "Don't cry Maryanne
  21 "Don't cry now
  22 "Though all things must pass away
  23 "By the dawn of judgment day
  24 "We'll all stand together
  25 "In heaven
  26 "Again somehow."

William J. Hall 1988 all rights reserved ASCAP

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