Rosie Is a Friend of Mine
William J. Hall - February, 1987 - re-written 4/23/2014 to reflect how I sing it now (the "yes sir's) and how it was originally written - in the first person.

  1 I wake up Saturday morning
  2 She's got "Jersey Girl" playing on the stereo
  3 I stand in the doorway yawning
  4 As she's moving to the music 'round the kitchen floor
  5 Saturday goes slowly
  6 One dance step at a time
  7 Yes, sir, that's my girl,
  8 Rosie is a friend of mine."
  9 I jump in the Mustang and she's pulling away
  10 She's got the Bruce sticker on the back window
  11 I see her silhouetted by Raritan Bay
  12 As she steers for points south and the Jersey shore
  13 Saturday goes slowly
  14 Now we're cruising down route nine
  15 Yes, sir, that's my girl,
  16 Rosie is a friend of mine.
  17 And the week days go...
  18 All gone...
  19 Let the weekend roll
  20 On and on...
  21 I'm chasing her down the beach
  22 And she laughs as I let her go
  23 Every angel knows tomorrow's way out of reach
  24 Now the sun is high - this is what we're living for
  25 Saturday goes slowly
  26 Yesterday's far behind
  27 Yes, sir, that's my girl
  28 "Rosie"
  29 And the week days go
  30 'Till they're all gone
  31 Let the weekend roll
  32 On and on
  33 She's lying by my side
  34 And the moon pours in the west window
  35 I'm watching her sleep - she's got that boardwalk light in her eyes
  36 And I whisper, "My God who could ask for more
  37 "Saturday goes slowly
  38 "Saturday's just fine."
  39 Yes, sir.

William J. Hall 1987 all rights reserved ASCAP

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