One Mad Track
William J. Hall - February 9, 1981

  1 Stand on platform A ready and waiting for scheduled departure
  2 Tickets punched, seats assigned for your convenience courtesy counter
  3 Paging Mister K, Paging Mister K; your attention please
  4 At the sound of the tone, stay in line - keep causeways clean
  5 Ballroom rumba dancing in loading zone right wing
  6 Dig royal pasty-faced clowns juggling sticks and drinks - center ring
  7 Play Cricket, Polo, and Croquet grassy backyard esplanade
  8 Trans Love DC-10 now boarding gate twelve, east arcade
  9 One mad track
  10 Telling you that
  11 Now you can't go back
  12 No, you can't go back
  13 One mad track
  14 Telling you that
  15 Now you can't go back
  16 No, you can't go back
  17 Big line circle tour unknown destination
  18 Make baggage claim west-end underground computer station
  19 Round house conning tower semaphore over rhythm track five
  20 Limosine champagne service shift now into blue overdrive
  21 One mad track
  22 Telling you that
  23 Now you can't go back
  24 No, you can't go back
  25 Fly so high
  26 Go so low
  27 One mad track
  28 Go, go go
  29 Skip life fantastic checkered tablecloth sidewalk cafe
  30 Local boys make good impression on public eye birth Saturday
  31 Taxi ride downtown to Old Waldorf gala event
  32 Starring star-struck industry square-types of questionable intent
  33 One mad track
  34 Telling you that
  35 Now you can't go back
  36 Never can go back
  37 Fly so high
  38 Go so low
  39 One mad track
  40 Go, go, go

William J. Hall 1981 all rights reserved ASCAP

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