Sad Child
William J. Hall - January 14, 1981

  1 Sad child
  2 In the rain
  3 Want to take you
  4 Home again
  5 Want to hold you
  6 In my arms
  7 Want to keep you
  8 Safe and warm
  9 Little sad child
  10 Little bad child
  11 You've been standing
  12 All alone
  13 Makes me want to
  14 Take you home
  15 Tell you what I'm
  16 Going to do
  17 Want to give my
  18 Love to you
  19 Little sad child
  20 Little bad child
  21 Sad child
  22 Bad child
  23 I can see you living on the run
  24 Waiting 'till your knight in armor comes
  25 I can give you more than just a dream
  26 Hold you shining body next to me
  27 You know you look good
  28 When you're running wild
  29 So do what you should
  30 And do it like you should
  31 Sad child
  32 I can see you running all the while
  33 What I'd gladly give to see you smile
  34 I can see you want something that's real
  35 Hold you close and show you how I feel
  36 You know you look good
  37 When you're scratching my back
  38 You know what I like
  39 And I like it like that
  40 Sad child
  41 Sad child
  42 Sad child
  43 In the rain
  44 Want to take you
  45 Home again
  46 Want to hold you
  47 In may arms
  48 Want to keep you
  49 Safe and warm
  50 Little sad child
  51 Little bad child
  52 Little sad child
  53 Little bad child
  54 Come on sad child, you know what I like
  55 Come on, give it to me one more time
  56 Get ready to hit it
  57 Right
  58 Come on now
  59 Hit it

William J. Hall 1981 all rights reserved ASCAP

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