Down by the Highway
William J. Hall - February 2, 1982

  1 She's from
  2 The other side of town
  3 Hair is long and dark,
  4 Eyes are chocolate brown
  5 Goes to the park
  6 with her yellow boots on
  7 When it's raining
  8 She's one
  9 Of a special kind
  10 Skin the color
  11 Of summertime
  12 Something about her
  13 Always out of line
  14 With the main stream
  15 And I saw her yesterday
  16 Yeah
  17 See her out alone
  18 Through the parking lot
  19 With those dreams she keeps
  20 In that book she bought
  21 Crossing the street
  22 The way she walks
  23 Drives me crazy
  24 I know where
  25 She's going to
  26 Turns the corner
  27 Slips out of view
  28 I should have told her
  29 I wish she knew
  30 How she slays me
  31 And I saw her yesterday
  32 Down by the highway
  33 Down by the highway
  34 She runs along the trail
  35 Leans back against the rail
  36 And the dusky sun
  37 Keeps on burning
  38 She looks around and then
  39 She's by herself again
  40 And the engine's hum
  41 Keeps on turning
  42 She puts her fingers
  43 Through the mesh of the fence
  44 She can stand for hours
  45 Lost in the trance
  46 Watching the cars
  47 Fly past her hands
  48 Into nowhere
  49 I want her
  50 With all my might
  51 Want to hold her
  52 Hold her tight
  53 I should have told her
  54 I know it's right
  55 When I see her
  56 She breaks the spell at last
  57 She shakes her head and laughs
  58 And the way she sighs
  59 It takes my breath away
  60 And in a little while
  61 Looks up, sees me and smiles
  62 Like the way that I
  63 Saw her yesterday
  64 Yeah
  65 She's from
  66 The other side of town
  67 Hair is long and dark
  68 Eyes are chocolate brown
  69 Yeah well, you know what I mean
  70 Down by the highway
  71 Down by the highway
  72 Down by the high highway

William J. Hall 1982 all rights reserved ASCAP

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