San Fransisco
William J. Hall - October, 1980

  1 The fog roll in and up over the bay
  2 Swallows the new blue moon
  3 And carries the smoke away
  4 Sweeps up the trash down market street
  5 Passes the windows of my room
  6 Across from the golden gate
  7 People tell me
  8 But they don't know
  9 It's a beautiful city
  10 But I've got nowhere to go
  11 So I stayed in alone tonight
  12 It's me and my guitar again
  13 'Till the morning light
  14 They all say I'll be a star someday
  15 But I don't really care
  16 It seems so far away
  17 I go down to the City Lights
  18 People stop and stare
  19 Taking in the neon sights
  20 And they tell me
  21 But they can't see
  22 It's a beautiful city
  23 It's just that it isn't me - really isn't me
  24 So I stayed in alone tonight
  25 It's me and my guitar again
  26 'Till the morning light
  27 The fog rolls in and on up over the town
  28 Tries to temper her extremes
  29 And tear the rough edges down
  30 The wind comes screaming at my door
  31 Laughs in the corners of my room
  32 And dances on the bedroom floor
  33 People reach for me
  34 But they don't come near
  35 It's a beautiful city
  36 But what am I doing here
  37 So I stayed i alone tonight
  38 It's me and my guitar again
  39 'Till the morning
  40 Light

William J. Hall 1980 all rights reserved ASCAP

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