In The Rain
William J. Hall - May, 1980

  1 I feel like wasting time
  2 It's raining but I don't mind
  3 This used to be our favorite kind
  4 Of weather
  5 Remembering extended pillow talks
  6 Bedtime stories, our strengths and dealocks
  7 We used to take those midnight walks
  8 Together
  9 Wishing it wasn't true
  10 Wishing I hadn't told you
  11 And I could still hold you
  12 Like before
  13 It's not that there's someone new
  14 Not that I don't ccare about you
  15 Just that I'm not in love
  16 Anymore
  17 And I've seen
  18 All kinds of things coming down
  19 All our dreams
  20 And our pain
  21 Sometimes it seems
  22 All the things that I've found
  23 Today
  24 Swept away
  25 In the rain
  26 All the good things I've seen in you
  27 I swear that they're all still true
  28 Don't know what else to do
  29 It's such a shame
  30 Guess it don't count for much
  31 But sometimes I miss your touch
  32 But I can't go back and I won't trust my luck
  33 Again
  34 And I've seen
  35 All kinds of things coming down
  36 All our dreams
  37 And our pain
  38 Sometimes it seems
  39 All the things that I've found
  40 Today
  41 Swept away
  42 In the rain

William J. Hall 1980 all rights reserved ASCAP

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