No Good Way (We Could Say Goodbye)
William J. Hall - January 11, 1980

  1 Winter
  2 Strains against the sky
  3 Yet another
  4 Time I caught you in a lie
  5 But I'm in love
  6 And I can't see
  7 So now I wonder why
  8 Ain't it kind of
  9 Funny
  10 We still try
  11 After all these times
  12 We've made each other cry
  13 Still no good way
  14 We could say
  15 Goodbye
  16 So you walk in here
  17 Acting so surprised
  18 That I'm so sincere
  19 Out the corners of my eyes
  20 But you're in love
  21 Though hearts will break you
  22 And now you wonder why
  23 Ain't we both enough
  24 To make you
  25 Want to die?
  26 After all these times
  27 We've made each other cry
  28 Still no good way
  29 We could say
  30 Goodbye

William J. Hall 1980 all rights reserved ASCAP

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