William J. Hall - September 1, 1980

  1 Running trough frozen shadows
  2 Knife edged shrieking street-lights
  3 Broken glass in empty windows
  4 Hollow dreams in empty nights
  5 Tangles railroad entrails of Hoboken
  6 Pavement steaming central heat
  7 Vision smashed
  8 All hope broken
  9 And trashed
  10 Like refuse in the street
  11 It's the same old story
  12 Who can see it as she sees
  13 Risking the fangs of the predatory
  14 Trying to find a little squeeze
  15 You know, her sister's a junky
  16 And her boyfriend's a thief
  17 Stay ahead of the twisted monkey
  18 Trying to get some relief
  19 Sidewalk shimmers like quick sand
  20 Furnace opens ready to receive
  21 She takes it all in
  22 But on the other hand
  23 Doesn't begin
  24 To know what to believe
  25 It's the same old story
  26 Who knows it as only she can know
  27 Racing the silence of purgatory
  28 Going all out to cop some good blow
  29 Someday I'll make a wish upon a star
  30 And wake up where the flashing neon light bazaar
  31 Is far
  32 Behind me
  33 Far behind
  34 Where trouble melts away the pressure drops
  35 So high above the smoking chimney tops
  36 Just stop
  37 And find me
  38 Just try and find
  39 Me
  40 Speeds along and turns the corner
  41 Out over barren fields of steel rail
  42 Hissing jets piss stinking summer
  43 Out into dark clouds of misty veil
  44 She runs ahead through misty shadows
  45 She stumbles blindly in the heat
  46 Sweat streaming
  47 Down her face and fingers
  48 Earth tearing
  49 At her leaden feet
  50 Far away the moment trembles
  51 Opening like the cracks of doom
  52 The world disintegrates
  53 And reassembles
  54 Into the sterile silence
  55 Of her room
  56 Four walls reflected in the mirror
  57 Four walls that intersect four other walls
  58 And now her hand
  59 With ever dropping pressure
  60 She tries to stand
  61 But falls
  62 To her knees she falls
  63 She knows what it means
  64 And with her head thrown back
  65 She starts to laugh
  66 And she screams
  67 And she screams
  68 And she screams, "Bleed
  69 "Bleed, mother fucker, bleed
  70 "Bleed cock-sucker
  71 "Bleed
  72 "Bleed
  73 "Bleed

William J. Hall 1980 all rights reserved ASCAP

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