William J. Hall - October, 1979

  1 I found myself in autumn fire:
  2 Ghost staring in the hall mirror -
  3 A figure clothed in dreamer's desire
  4 But wanting more.
  5 Just a visage of futures passing,
  6 Just a study in double-time,
  7 Just an image of the storms amassing,
  8 But the face is mine.
  9 Tout de la meme et vis-a-vis,
  10 Quelq'un d'autre et moi aussi -
  11 Chair vivante mais malade de l'esprit:
  12 Encore, encore.
  13 Dites-mois sont-ils morts.
  14 Dites-mois sont-ils morts, ils morts.
  15 Dites-mois sont-ils morts.
  16 Dites-mois sont-ils morts.
  18 And I can hear their voices speaking to me:
  20 "You will be all that you dreamt you could be
  21 "And you hold your life in the palm of your hand -
  22 "You don't need to know more, you don't need to understand.
  23 "It's been the glimmer of hope in the lonely dark night,
  24 "It's been the burden of promise in the dreamer's second sight -
  25 "And you will see it again as you have seen it before;
  26 "Leave you standing in the closet - leave them crying for more:
  27 "Encore,
  28 "Encore!"
  29 Something rising like midnight's passion,
  30 Something written on the standing stones -
  31 Something written in the thunder crashing
  32 And you alone.
  33 BÍte noire, ange gardien;
  34 Quelque chose et ce n'est rien;
  35 Le Diable et saint Etienne,
  36 Encore, encore.
  37 Dites-mois sont-ils morts.
  38 Dites-mois sont-ils morts, ils morts.
  39 Dites-mois sont-ils morts.
  40 Dites-mois sont-ils morts.
  41 Dites-mois sont-ils morts.
  42 Dites-mois sont-ils morts, ils morts.
  43 Dites-mois sont-ils morts.
  44 Dites-mois sont-ils morts.

© William J. Hall 1979 all rights reserved ASCAP

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