Baby's Pretty Broken
William J. Hall - August, 1979

  1 Baby's pretty broken but
  2 She kicked him with an uppercut
  3 She hit him well below the belt
  4 Then watched to see the way it felt
  5 She couldn't quite remember what
  6 She wanted and she's broken but
  7 She went around the world today
  8 To try to turn her love away
  9 Wasted
  10 Time is being wasted
  11 Wasted
  12 Time is being lost
  13 Wasted
  14 Time is being wasted
  15 Wasted
  16 Time is being lost-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t
  17 Baby's pretty broken but
  18 She's found another vein to cut
  19 She hasn't time to count the sense
  20 She's got to feed her audience
  21 She'll plunge the knife into the gut
  22 She's twisted and she's broken but
  23 I really don't know what to do
  24 She comes for me and runs to you
  25 Wasted
  26 Time is being wasted
  27 Wasted
  28 Time is being lost
  29 Wasted
  30 Time is being wasted
  31 Wasted
  32 Time is being lost-t-t-t.
  33 Won't you
  34 Won't you tell
  35 Won't you tell me
  36 Won't you tell me why
  37 Won't you tell me why
  38 Won't you tell me why, why
  39 You got to
  40 You got to tell me
  41 You got to tell
  42 You got to tell me why
  43 You got to tell me why, why
  44 Why?
  45 I need to know
  46 You got to tell me why, why
  47 I need to know why
  48 Won't you come and tell me why?
  49 Won't you
  50 Won't you tell
  51 Won't you tell me
  52 Won't you tell me why
  53 Got to
  54 Got to
  55 Got to tell me why.
  56 Won't you tell me why, baby?
  57 All the things I could have told her
  58 Had I been a little bolder,
  59 Bolder
  60 Isn't near enough to hold her
  61 As she cries into my shoulder
  62 Go to her
  63 Go to her
  64 Oh no!
  65 Oh, no, no, no.
  66 Baby's pretty broken but
  67 She thinks she knows she's in a rut
  68 She thinks so much of us
  69 She thinks it doesn't matter what she does
  70 'Cause we're too big for her to hurt
  71 And writhing bloodied in the dirt
  72 Is just her way of marking time
  73 And this time I'm so broken I'm
  74 Afraid to look into her eyes
  75 Afraid to see the things she tries
  76 To move away beneath the lies;
  77 Of countless tears and silent cries.
  78 Broken, breaking
  79 Her desire, my despair
  80 Lost and aching
  81 There's no echo without air
  82 Broke, breaking;
  83 You know, she's pretty broken and she's
  84 Wasted
  85 Time is being wasted
  86 Wasted
  87 Time is being lost
  88 Wasted
  89 Time is being wasted
  90 Wasted
  91 Time is being lost-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t.

William J. Hall 1979 all rights reserved ASCAP

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