William J. Hall - September, 1979

  1 Wasn't it you who said,
  2 "Old friends are like locusts coming back from the dead,
  3 "Seeking shelter come the first winter's frost
  4 "And looking for something in the good times they've lostó"
  5 "But I'm not going to let you
  6 "Take this heart again;
  7 "I'm not going to let you
  8 "Break this heart again."
  9 You're out in the street and I know you're alone
  10 Hot and hungry in the subterranean zone
  11 And it's crazy that I almost want you to stay
  12 At least 'till tomorrow or your pain goes away
  13 And you stand there
  14 Like some dream come true
  15 Like a vision of splendor
  16 From when I needed you
  17 Well, I've walked those streets alone in hell's fire
  18 Seeking passage 'round the third circle and floundering in the quagmire
  19 Now I'm finally climbing to the top
  20 You're coming around my door
  21 Saying, "Baby let me make it up
  22 "And come inside once more."
  23 Wasn't it you who said,
  24 "Old friends are like nightmares winding up in your head
  25 "Raking up the muck from the mouldy archives
  26 "And rising Phoenix-like from the ashes of our past lives."
  27 But I'm not going to let you
  28 Take this heart again
  29 No, I'll never let you
  30 Get that close again
  31 To break my heart again

© William J. Hall 1979 all rights reserved ASCAP

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