William J. Hall - May, 1979

  1 I suppose I've been a loner
  2 If the measure of a life is the time you've been alone.
  3 I never knew what for
  4 'Till you walked in my door
  5 Gave me reason to believe in love once more.
  6 I've been out all over
  7 Thinking that my life was rock and roll;
  8 But you gave it back to me,
  9 Set my spirit free
  10 Breathed life into this lonesome boy once more.
  11 Never say goodbye...
  12 Never say goodbye again.
  13 Never say it...
  14 Never say it...
  15 Never say goodbye again.
  16 Setting up and breaking down
  17 Get this rock and roll show to yet another town.
  18 With you by my side
  19 I never mind the ride
  20 Or the memory of all the crazy things I tried.
  21 Lately I've been thinking;
  22 Let's go back to Paris in the fall.
  23 Making love with you
  24 Is all I want to do
  25 And we'll make up for all those lonely years we cried.
  26 Never say goodbye...
  27 Never say goodbye again.
  28 I'll never say it...
  29 Never going to say it...
  30 Never say goodbye again...
  31 We'll go out to Hollywood
  32 See our friends and you can start your next book;
  33 Buy some new clothes and more perfume,
  34 Get a piano for our room...
  35 Like I never dreamed that love could be this good.
  36 Never say goodbye...
  37 Never say goodbye again.
  38 I'll never say it...
  39 Never going to say it...
  40 Never say goodbye again
  41 No, no!
  42 Never say goodbye.
  43 Never say goodbye again.
  44 I'll never say it...
  45 Never going to say it...
  46 Never say goodbye again...

William J. Hall 1979 all rights reserved ASCAP

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