Best Wishes
William J. Hall - January 11, 1979

  Dear Claire,
  1 Here we are: it's winter
  2 Christmas come and gone
  3 Stores still have their colored lights turned on
  4 Hear you're living somewhere
  5 Texas or the coast
  6 And I bet through all these years you're much the same almost
  7 Thought I'd write a letter
  8 Say I'm doing well
  9 Just checked in to this New York hotel
  10 But I can't find my paper
  11 Lost your last address
  12 And when it comes to writing, well, I'm just tongue-tied I guess
  13 I've been playing on the radio
  14 I've been standing in these late night spot light shows
  15 Keep me coming back
  16 Until it's time to go
  17 Can you hear me
  18 Playing with these friends of mine in the late shows
  19 Can you hear me
  20 Coming back and coming back until its time to go
  21 Lady luck really loves me
  22 You know she tries to understand
  23 Playing music in this blissed-out rock and roll band
  24 And when they're calling us back for more
  25 I think she see what we do it for
  26 You know, it's not just for kicks and it sure as hell ain't the money
  27 And my life, so good to me
  28 Rolling on down the line
  29 Maybe I'm crazy but I'm going to have a good time
  30 I'm going to rock my soul and make it warm
  31 I'm going to take this dream of mine by storm
  32 I'm going to make it shine like the stars in heaven symphony
  33 I see
  34 I could have told you
  35 What nobody else would have known
  36 It just
  37 Came down to me
  38 And I look back at how these years have flown
  39 OK
  40 Whatever we say
  41 We keep making headway
  42 But we're a long way from home
  43 We're a long way from home
  44 It's been a long
  45 Way from home
  46 Here we are: the new year
  47 Just around the bend
  48 Hope that you are looking good and feeling fine, my friend
  Best Wishes,

William J. Hall 1979 all rights reserved ASCAP

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