My Home Town Again
William J. Hall - July, 1978

  1 Don't it sometimes sure get lonesome
  2 Out here on my own
  3 Rambling 'round this big old country
  4 Nowhere to call my home
  5 Well, I know that I've been lucky
  6 And I don't mean to complain
  7 Going down
  8 To my home town
  9 Again
  10 Met a girl in Boston city
  11 Said she liked my style
  12 Would I like to come on home for breakfast
  13 Stay on with her a while
  14 Kissed her and I said "I'm greatful,
  15 "But I've got to catch an aeroplane:
  16 "Going down
  17 "To my home town
  18 "Again -
  19 "Going down
  20 "To my home town
  21 "Again,
  22 "Where the time is slow
  23 "And the love lights glow
  24 "And people know
  25 "My name
  26 "I'm out of place at these cast parties
  27 "And I don't take cocaine...
  28 "Going down
  29 "To my home town
  30 "Again."
  31 Going down
  32 To my home town
  33 Again,
  34 Where the time is slow
  35 And the love lights glow
  36 And people know
  37 My old friends be glad to see me
  38 Sing in the refrain
  39 "Going down
  40 "To my home town
  41 "Going down
  42 "To my home town."
  43 I'm a-going down
  44 To my home town
  45 Again."

William J. Hall 1974 all rights reserved ASCAP

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