William J. Hall - June, 1978

  1 Sweet summer roses
  2 Violets and tiger-lillies bloom for you
  3 For you
  4 Lilacs and daisies
  5 Sometimes it's everything that you can do
  6 It's true
  7 Birds sitting on the telephone lines
  8 And the wind
  9 Blows
  10 Through the Pine-barren pines
  11 Lovely May-apples
  12 Quince and black-raspberries turn for you
  13 For you
  14 Peaches and strawberries
  15 Sometimes the shining summer skies feel blue
  16 It's true
  17 Moonbeams on the rusty street signs
  18 and the wind
  19 Blows
  20 Through the Pine-barren pines

William J. Hall 1978 all rights reserved ASCAP

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