Don't Want to Say Goodbye
William J. Hall - December, 1977

  1 Tonight I called  you on the telephone
  2 Seems like lately you are rarely home
  3 When I need you
  4 I know it's hard for you to be alone
  5 You need someone to hold
  6 I need to roam
  7 And I need you too
  8 Don't want to say goodbye
  9 Don't want to say goodbye
  10 So many dreams we had that now are gone
  11 Got me wondering where did we go wrong
  12 And I love you
  13 I know it's hard and you keep keeping on
  14 You love your work
  15 I love this lonely song
  16 And I love you too
  17 Don't want to say goodbye
  18 Don't want to say goodbye
  19 Don't want to fade away
  20 Don't want to go
  21 Don't want sweet yesterday
  22 Don't want tomorrow
  23 Without you
  24 Without you to hold
  25 Where my heart beats still
  26 And sometimes in my dreams you come to me
  27 I try to take away your misery
  28 How I want you
  29 I only wish that I could make you see
  30 You want to live - I want my poetry
  31 And I want you too
  32 Don't want to say goodbye
  33 Don't want to say goodbye
  34 Don't want to say
  35 Goodbye

William J. Hall 1977 all rights reserved ASCAP

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