William J. Hall - February 22, 1976

  1 I remember you last touch
  2 And the look on your face
  3 I remember the moment
  4 The date and the place
  5 How I wished it was a movie
  6 And that it wasn't real
  7 And I love you
  8 I remember your last kiss
  9 You turned away
  10 I remember I watched you
  11 Hoping you were OK
  12 Choking on the sadness
  13 I couldn't quite conceal
  14 And I love you
  15 I watched you
  16 Just like
  17 many times before
  18 And you walked across the floor
  19 I rememebr you turned and
  20 Waved me goodbye
  21 I remember I smiled and
  22 Tried not to cry
  23 And it wasn't 'till later
  24 I could afford to feel
  25 That I love you

William J. Hall 1976 all rights reserved ASCAP

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