Oh, I Love You
William J. Hall - June, 1975

  1 Warm summer breeze
  2 Moon in the trees
  3 Quiet now that day is done
  4 Stepping where our spirits run
  5 Touching as lovers do
  6 Oh
  7 I love you
  8 Sea washes sand
  9 Rain kisses the land
  10 In the place we always know
  11 Wandering where our daydreams go
  12 Sleeping when we are through
  13 Oh
  14 I love you
  15 Dawn brings the light
  16 Following the night
  17 Hear this love song deep inside
  18 Soaring where our secrets hide
  19 Soon you will waken too
  20 Oh
  21 I love you

William J. Hall 1975 all rights reserved ASCAP

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