William J. Hall - February, 1975

  1 I dreamt I was
  2 An antediluvian
  3 Of royal blood
  4 Yes, and I was your woman
  5 Each night we rode
  6 Before the growing dawn
  7 Of many lives
  8 Until our time had gone
  9 Across the shining land
  10 Into the rolling sea
  11 Along the endless sand
  12 And brought you here
  13 To me
  14 I dreamed I saw
  15 A distant horizon
  16 Of windy skies
  17 Out over the ocean
  18 Each day we flew
  19 Between the earth and sun
  20 Of many worlds
  21 Until our time was done
  22 Across the shining bays
  23 Into the rolling blue
  24 Along the endless ways
  25 And brought me here
  26 To you

William J. Hall 1975 all rights reserved ASCAP

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