Sweet Blues
William J. Hall - October, 1974

  1 Autumn Moon
  2 It will be frosted new winter soon
  3 Every fall
  4 After all
  5 It's the same old story
  6 That old familiar tune
  7 Sung to the autumn moon
  8 Sing it again
  9 Watching the last year wane
  10 Sing it again
  11 Watching the last year wane
  12 Time slips on
  13 Soon as we fill today it is gone
  14 Now and then
  15 Wondering when
  16 I feel really lonely
  17 All the stage curtains drawn
  18 Watching the time slip on
  19 Seeing it go
  20 Where have my old friends flown
  21 Seeing it go
  22 Where have my old friends flown
  23 Oooh
  24 Such sweet blues
  25 I know we gain much more than we lose
  26 Every mile
  27 Makes me smile
  28 At the perfect harmony
  29 I didn't ever choose
  30 To sing these sweet, sweet blues
  31 Lonely spotlights
  32 Sing it for rainy nights
  33 In the lonely spotlights
  34 I sing it for rainy nights
  35 Oooh
  36 How I love you, sweet blues

William J. Hall 1974 all rights reserved ASCAP

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